Happy New Year 2017!


Light painting family workshop coming up at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Sunday 1/22 2-4PM.

2016 saw many musical greats leave this planet. There was also a surge of new musical talent brewing on the horizon. I am optimistic and excited.

A friend of mine stated more positivity for 2017. I will have to agree with this for myself. More positivity.

+ brand new website coming soon.




Family Workshop at PAFA Oct. 2nd

Come join me for a rain-day origami activity – we’ll be folding mechanical cameras with polaroid pictures!

More info: https://www.pafa.org/faa

Art in the Open – Philadelphia May 13-15th

Come see me at work along the Skuylkill banks as I experiment with pinhole photography! 3 day outdoor festival of artists working in plein-air. This will be my second year selected as participating artist, come see some live photography in action!

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